Training Station Identification

Training Station Identification is an exstensive system for training within the field of automation. The station includes a stepping motor controlled scara robot equipped with a double acting cylinder with pneumatic gripper for Z axis control, vision system and different sensors for identification and measuring control of different objects. All components ar assembled together with a Siemens PLC, HMI and switch for communication. With the station comes a software for controlling the stepper motors and the software TIA portal for PLC and HMI programming and monitoring of the system. The station is further more equipped with a multipole pneumatic valve island, FRL system, a control panel with start, stop, reset and emergency buttons and wheels for easy transportation.

Training Station Identification can be combined with our other Training Stations such as ASRS and Assembling station and put together in different combinations to a complete production line.


 The station covers:

·        Fundamentals of robotics
·        Vision system
·        Sensor technology
·        Motor control
·        PLC programming
·        HMI/monitoring system


The control board is placed under the station and includes connection boards, power supply FRL, with soft start valve, PLC with switch and control board for scara robot.. All components are placed behind a robust plexiglass door with handle. Main voltage 230V AC and compressed air is connected on the backside of the trolley.

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