Training Object ASRS

Training Objest ASRS is a station for training in automation and covers:

.        Logical functions
.        Sensor technology
·        PLC programming
·        Pneumatics incl. gripper       


The stations is supplied with a Siemens 1200 system and includes a laboratory book consisting of project tasks and examples.

Training Object ASRS can be combined with Training Object Sorting or/and Assembly to create a small scale production line and to study production flow, PLC communication, Industry 4.0 and I/O Link.

Main functions

1       The ASRS system is scanned by the pick and place unit
2       A black, white or metal cup is feeded from the storage unit and placed
         in the ”pick” position and identified by different sensors.
3       The pick and place unit collects the cup and place it in the right
         position in the ASRS system depending on material and free space


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